Progress Timeline

Bellow you’ll find titles and months for UNICORE:

Project span: Jan 2019 – Dec 2021

  • UNICORE kick off Meeting (M2)
  • Platform Design and Evaluation (M1 – M36)
  • Requirements (M1 – M9)
  • API Design (M3 – M12, M16, M20, M30)
  • Integration (M1 – M30)
  • Core Implementation (M1 – M30)
  • Toolstack Implementation (M1 – M30)
  • Unikernels in Practice (Use Cases) (M13 – M36)


UNICORE has started with identification of use case requirements and platform design (WP2 Platform Design and Evaluation). Initial tasks have also started to implement the library-based system (WP3 Core implementation) and the development of all the tools (WP4 Toolstack implementation).


APIs have been designed, implemented and upstreamed. UNICORE project partners have held several technical presentations and an integration meeting virtually with the aim of making progress in the use cases.


UNICORE has presented “Unikernels in Practice: A UNICORE Serverless Use Case”. Benefits and characteristics of unikernels have been explained, as well as the use case.

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