Unikraft Summer of Code, videos and materials available

Unikraft Summer of Code, videos and materials available

Unikraft Summer of Code (#USoC21), a free and virtual Unikernel and library Operating Systems workshop was held by members of the Unikraft community and UNICORE project from August 23rd to September 4th.

Topics covered included how to build Unikraft unikernels, along with zero-to-hero workshops on how to get started using Unikraft, and more in-depth topics of Unikraft, like programming structures and architectures, how it is organized, methodologies for porting libraries and applications to Unikraft…

Materials are available at the USoC21 website, which you can complement with the videos of each session:

Session 01: Baby Steps Materials Video

Tech Talk 01: Debugging and Tracing in Unikraft Video

Session 02: Behind the Scenes Materials Video

Tech Talk 02: Virtual Memory in Unikraft Video

Session 03: Debugging in Unikraft Materials Video

Tech Talk 03: Memory Deduplication with Unikraft Video

Session 04: Complex Applications Materials Video

Tech Talk 04: Retrofitting Isolation into Unikraft with FlexOS Video

Session 05: Contributing to Unikraft Materials Video

Session 06: Testing Unikraft Materials Video

Session 07: Syscall Shim Materials Video

Session 08: Basic App Porting Materials Video

Session 09: Advanced App Porting Materials Video

Session 10: High-Performance Materials Video

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