Unikraft at the Global Software Technology Summit’22!

Unikraft at the Global Software Technology Summit’22!

Felipe Huici, from Unikraft, delivered a guest talk under the name “Cut your Cloud Costs by Half with Unikraft’ at the Global Software Technology Summit 2022 (GSTS), held at their Dresden Research Centre.

This is a three-day open access conference organized by the Huawei European Research Institute and Central Software Institute, focusing on the latest research and development in Operating Systems, Data Analytics, Compiler, Programming Language, Software Autonomy Trustworthy Technology & Cloud Service Technology and related topics.

In this talk, Huici introduced Unikraft and concentrated on how it aims to run a large set of off-the-shelf applications and languages (C/C++, Python, Go, Ruby, Lua, and WASM are supported, with Rust and Java on the way), but still allows for easy customization and even removal of unneeded kernel parts.

You can now watch the presentation online!

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