Unikraft 0.4 (Rhea) is out!

Unikraft 0.4 (Rhea) is out!

Over the past two years, the Unikraft team has made great progress in simplifying the process of building unikernels through a unified and customizable code base. The result is the hot off the press Unikraft 0.4 (codename Rhea), which contains a large set of new features and enhancements:

  • Cloud-based deployments (GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean)
  • Native support for many programming languages and language environments: C++, Python/Micropython, Go, Lua, Web Assembly (WAMR), JavaScript (Duktape), Ruby
  • Improvements to the ARM64 platform, including virtio and multi-thread support
  • Basic musl support
  • pthread and TLS support
  • Trace point sub-system
  • Filesystem support (9pfs, devfs, ramfs)
  • Applications: Click, SQLite, nginx, redis
  • Support for external platforms, and in particular solo5
  • Additional lib ports: uuid, http-parser, intel-intrinsics, openssl, boost, protobuf, etc.
  • Lots of other features and bug fixes

In addition, with this release the “kraft” tool has been introduced, which greatly simplifies the process of building and running Unikraft-built unikernels.

More info about all these new features and functionalities on Unikraft brand-new website!

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