UNICORE members win Best Paper Award at EuroSys 2021

UNICORE members win Best Paper Award at EuroSys 2021

UNICORE members have won Best Paper Award at EuroSys 2021 with their paper “Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way”, presented on April 27th at 10.30 am at the online EuroSys Conference, by UNICORE member and representative of NEC Laboratories Felipe Huici.

EuroSys is a premier international forum for presenting computer systems research, broadly construed. This year’s edition was held online in 26th – 29th April 2021. This 16th edition of EuroSys followed the pattern established by the previous EuroSys conferences, by seeking papers on all aspects of computer systems.

In the presentation, Huici gave an update on the Unikraft Linux Foundation open source project, a fully modular and librarized unikernel that aims to provide outstanding performance while making it easy to port off-the-shelf applications into unikernels. In particular, he went into details on how Unikraft fully modularizes OS primitives so that it is easy to customize the unikernel and include only relevant components, exposes a set of composable, performance-oriented APIs in order to make it easy for developers to obtain high performance and aims for POSIX compatibility, already supporting over 130+ syscalls.

Congratulations to the authors!
Simon Kuenzer (NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH), Felipe Huici (NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH, Germany), Sharan Santhanam (NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH), Hugo Lefeuvre (The University of Manchester), Alexander Jung (Lancaster University), Gaulthier Gain (University of Liège), Cyril Soldani (University of Liège), Laurent Mathy (University of Liège), Costin Lupu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest), Stefan Teodorescu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest), Costi Răducanu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest), Cristian Banu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest), Răzvan Deaconescu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest), Costin Raiciu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) and Vlad-Andrei Bădoiu (Polytechnic University of Bucharest).

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