UNICORE, at the OpenNebula TechDay Barcelona

UNICORE, at the OpenNebula TechDay Barcelona

Xavier Peralta, from CSUC and a member of the UNICORE project, participated at the OpenNebula TechDay Barcelona, a virtual event organized by OpenNebula, CloudAdmins Barcelona, and CSUC last September 28.

The seminar, led by OpenNebula experts, presented the features and benefits of using infrastructure management platforms, as well as the different architectures that can be developed with OpenNebula.

This edition showed the new features of OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” and how to implement and orchestrate lightweight application containers, such as microVMs. Xavier Peralta talked about specialized virtual machine images targeting specific applications (Unikernels) and presented the UNICORE project. This TechDay introduced also Firecracker, the new virtualization technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Slides are available and also the presentation on Youtube (in Spanish).

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