UNICORE at the H-CLOUD Technical Community Event

UNICORE at the H-CLOUD Technical Community Event

Representative of CSUC, a UNICORE member, Xavier Peralta presented the session “Unikernels in Practice: A UNICORE Serverless Use Case” at the online H-CLOUD Technical Community Event on march 23rd.

At the H-CLOUD Technical Community Event, Cloud Computing projects funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, as well as other stakeholders from the Cloud ecosystem, presented technical outcomes of their Cloud projects. Topics discussed during the community event range from Cloud modelling and optimisation to edge computing, unikernels, DevOps practices, and green Cloud.

In Xavier’s presentation, “Unikernels in Practice: A UNICORE Serverless Use Case”, he presented UNICORE’s project based in unikernels in which they participate in different aspects, one of their usecases being the Serverless images conversion. He proceeded to firstly explain the benefits and characteristics of unikernels, then UNICORE’s usecases and, specifically in this case, CSUC’s usecase. Xavier concluded the presentation with a demonstration on how this Serverless images converter works.

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