UNICORE 2nd Review Meeting

UNICORE 2nd Review Meeting

The UNICORE project has successfully passed the second review, celebrated online on April 15 with the presence of all the partners. The meeting has allowed both the reviewers and the Consortium members to check out the progress of UNICORE during last year, and to shed light on the impressive technical advances that have been done until now.

UNICORE has made major contributions to the Unikraft API design, the integrated code base and toolkit. According to the EU reviewers, UNICORE is an “innovative project with the potential for significant impact on cloud-based systems”, as with UNICORE’s common code base and toolchain software developers can rapidly create secure, portable, scalable, and high-performance solutions based on existing applications. UNICORE members have presented during the review meeting different use cases of UNICORE to demonstrate the good results of the project.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the development of the project, which is going just as planned, accomplishing all the objectives and milestones. The received feedback shows that the project implementation is, therefore, satisfactory.

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