NEC’s presentations about Unikraft at FOSDEM’21

NEC’s presentations about Unikraft at FOSDEM’21

This past weekend, on the 6th and 7th of February, the FOSDEM’21 took place as an online event. Alexander Jung and Sharan Santhanam, from NEC Laboratories, a partner of the UNICORE Consortium, participated at the two-day online event, organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software.

Alexander Jung gave a presentation on “Is the Time Ripe for Unikernels to Become Mainstream with Unikraft? Building Extremely Fast, Specialized Unikernels The Easy Way” on Saturday, February 6th from 14:25-15:05.

In this talk, Jung gave an update on the Unikraft Linux Foundation open source project, a fully modular and librarized unikernel that aims to provide outstanding performance while making it easy to port off-the-shelf applications into unikernels. In particular, he went into details about how Unikraft fully modularizes OS primitives so that it is easy to customize the unikernel and include only relevant components, exposes a set of composable, performance-oriented APIs in order to make it easy for developers to obtain high performance and aims for POSIX compatibility, already supporting over 130+ syscalls.

The second presentation was given by Sharan Santhanam, with the title “Severely Debloating Cloud Images with Unikraft“, on Saturday, February 6th from 15:15-16:00.

In this presentation, Santhanam showed results from a proof-of-concept deployment on Amazon EC2 using Unikraft, a fully modular library OS that makes it easy to remove unneeded components, and to optimize the remaining ones. On EC2, a Unikraft nginx image is able to outperform an nginx Debian image by 2x in terms of requests/sec when serving static content, all the while consuming 1/6 of the memory. Finally, they showed a brief Unikraft demo.

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