IBM and NEC’s presentations at FOSDEM ’20, available

IBM and NEC’s presentations at FOSDEM ’20, available

James Bottomley and Mike Rapoport (from IBM), and Simon Kuenzer (from NEC Laboratories), partners of the UNICORE Consortium, have participated at FOSDEM 2020 the 1st and 2nd of February. Bottomley and Rapoport, in their talk “Address Space Isolation in the Linux Kernel”, presented the approach for the implementation of restricted mappings in the Linux kernel and how this implementation would be used with various use-cases.

Kuenzer gave a presentation on “Unikraft: A Unikernel Toolkit”. In his talk, he gave an update on the Unikraft open source project, an overview of all the exciting achievements and concluded with an outlook of recent project directions.

Check their full presentations on video:

“Address Space Isolation in the Linux Kernel”

“Unikraft: A Unikernel Toolkit”

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