UNICORE supports the H-CLOUD Summit, on 25-26 Nov.

UNICORE supports the H-CLOUD Summit, on 25-26 Nov.

The H-CLOUD Summit will take place this year during the 25-26 November, online. This is an event that gathers researchers and innovators, Cloud stakeholders, as well as Cloud initiatives and projects to be on top of the relevant technology and market developments

The registration & call for submissions is now open, so don’t miss the opportunity, submit your idea and register for free here. Join the Summit for a two-day programme of inspiring talks, thought-provoking debates and collaborative workshops. 

H-CLOUD invites submissions on the following thematic sessions:

1) From Digital Europe to High Impact Project – The Role of Cloud Computing (submission deadline: 30 October 2020).

2) Cloud Computing research challenges (submission deadline: 25 October 2020).

3) Success stories, best practices and use cases for innovating through Cloud adoption (submission deadline: 30 October 2020).


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