UNICORE at the online Linux Plumbers Conference

UNICORE at the online Linux Plumbers Conference

The UNICORE Project will be present at the Linux Plumbers Conference on 24-28 August. The Linux Plumbers consists of a collection of several microconferences that focus on a particular area, such as power management, scheduling, tracing… For 2020, the Conference will be an online event, and they are trying to recreate as much the feel of an in-person conference as possible.

Representative of IBM, Mike Rapoport, will co-lead the microconference “Containers and Checkpoint/Restore”. This session is the opportunity for runtime maintainers, kernel developers and others involved with containers on Linux to talk about what they are up to and agree on the next major changes to kernel and userspace.

Last year’s success has prompted them to reprise this microconference this year. Common discussions topic tend to be improvement to the user namespace, opening up more kernel functionalities to unprivileged users, new ways to dump and restore kernel state, Linux Security Modules and syscall handling and more.

The microconference and refereed-track talk proposals are now open, so don’t miss the opportunity to participate at the online Linux Plumbers Conference this August!

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