GI Fachgruppentreffen SYS Herbst: NEC’s presentation

GI Fachgruppentreffen SYS Herbst: NEC’s presentation

The UNICORE Project was present at the GI Fachgruppentreffen SYS Herbst, an online event that took place on September 24 – 25.

The motto of this year’s GI Fachgruppentreffen SYS Herbst was “From Secure Languages ​​to Secure Systems” and the meeting was hosted by Stefan Lankes’ group at RWTH Aachen University, which celebrated its 150th anniversary this year.

In their talk “Specialized and Secure Unikernels with Unikraft, Simon Kuenzer, Sharan Santhanam and Felipe Huici (representatives of NEC Labs Europe) explained how highly specialized unikernels, operating system images tailored for a single application, have shown immense performance potential.


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