VHPC ’20: NEC’s presentation about Unikraft

VHPC ’20: NEC’s presentation about Unikraft

The UNICORE Project will be present at the 15th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC ’20) on June 25th. The VHPC aims to bring together researchers and industrial practitioners facing the challenges posed by virtualization in order to foster discussion, collaboration, mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, enabling research to ultimately provide novel solutions for virtualized computing systems of tomorrow.

The workshop will be one day in length, composed of 20 minutes presentations, each followed by 10 min discussion sections, plus lightning talks that are limited to 5 minutes.

Representative of NEC Labs Europe, Simon Kuenzer, will present the Lightning Talk “Unikraft – A Unikernel Toolkit”, online on Zoom at 16:00 CEST. In his talk, he will give an update on the Unikraft open source project, an overview of all the exciting achievements and will conclude with an outlook of recent project directions. The aim is that Unikraft will represent a step forward towards wider adoption of unikernels beyond the research community.

These Lightning Talks are non-paper track, synoptical in nature and are strictly limited to 5 minutes. They can be used to gain early feedback on ongoing research, for demonstrations, to present research results, early research ideas, perspectives and positions of interest to the community.

If you’re attending the online VHPC ‘20, make sure you add Simon’s presentation to your schedule!

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