UNICORE at the Linux Plumbers Conference

UNICORE at the Linux Plumbers Conference

The UNICORE Project will be present at the Linux Plumbers Conference on 9-11 September in Lisbon, an event for Linux developers working at all levels of the plumbing layer and beyond.

Representatives from IBM, James Bottomley and Mike Rapoport together with Alexandre Chartre from Oracle, will hold the conference ‘Kernel Address Space Isolation’, where the progress and challenges faced while implementing KVM Address Space Isolation will be explained. It also looks forward to discuss the possibility to have a more generic kernel address space isolation framework (not limited to KVM), and how it can be interfaced with the current memory management subsystem in particular.

Mike Rapoport (IBM) will also give the talk ‘Memory management bits in Arch‘ within the Kernel Summit session. The presentations will take place on September 10 at 12:45 and 10:00. For more information about the conferences consult the schedule on their website.

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