Open Source Summit: NEC’s presentation about Unikraft

Open Source Summit: NEC’s presentation about Unikraft

The UNICORE Project will be present at the Open Source Summit on October 26-29. The conference this years shifts to a virtual one, and they are taking thoughtful actions to create an immersive digital experience that provides the audience with interactive content and collaboration experiences. You will have the ability to network with other attendees, attend presentations with live Q&A, interact with sponsors real-time, and much more – all virtually.

Representatives of NEC Labs Europe, Felipe Huici and Sharan Santhanam, will present the talk “Extremely Fast and Efficient NFV with Unikraft”, online on October 29 at 16:30 pm. In this talk he will introduce Unikraft and the DPDK port, and show how these make a powerful combination towards building truly high performance, efficient and quick-to-boot virtual functions. In particular, he will show throughput numbers equivalent to Linux while consuming a fraction of the memory it uses, using a single CPU core as opposed to several ones, and significantly reducing boot times on multiple VMMs. Finally, he will show a brief demo of Unikraft in action.

If you’re attending the online Open Source Summit, make sure you register here!

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