IBM at the Open Source Tech Conference

IBM at the Open Source Tech Conference

Mike Rapoport of IBM, a partner of the UNICORE Consortium, will participate at the online Open Source Tech Conference on August 10-13th. This conference will cover topics like Linux kernel network stack, Linux networking APIs for user-space, High-performance networking in Linux, Networking for VMs and containers, Linux memory management, Linux-based electronic systems development, Open source mobile operating systems, Linux debugging and troubleshooting.

Mike will give a presentation on “Address Space Separation Inside the Linux Kernel”. In this talk, Rapoport is going to present a mechanism for “system call isolation” that allows running a system call with largely reduced page tables and provides the kernel with the ability to inspect the memory accesses and verify their safety based on a pre-defined policy. He will also take a closer look at the possibility to assign an address space to the Linux namespaces, so that tasks running in namespace A have different view of kernel memory mappings than the tasks running in namespace B.

Don’t miss Mike Rapoport’s presentation this August at the Open Source Tech Conference, you can register here!

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