Our list of public deliverable is available for consultation:

D6.1. Website, Social Accounts and Advertising Material (31-March-19) DOI
D2.1. Requirements – Initial (30-April-19) DOI
D2.2. API Design (30-June-19) DOI
D6.2. Data Management Plan (30-June-19) DOI
D2.3. Platform Requirements – Final (30-September-19) DOI
D3.2. Security, Safety and Validation Support Definition (30-September-19) DOI
D4.1. Design & Implementation of Tools for Unikernel Deployment (30-September-19) DOI
D2.4. API Design – Intermediate (31-December-19) DOI
D6.3. Report on Communication and Dissemination Activities and Exploitation Plans – Initial (31-December-19) DOI
D5.1. Deployment Plan, Requirements and Business Cases (29-February-20) DOI
D3.3. API, Library and Security Primitives Implementation – Initial (30-June-20) DOI
D4.2. Design & Implementation of Tools for Unikernel Deployment – Intermediate (30-June-20) DOI
D5.2. Initial Deployment (31-August-20) DOI

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